Brandon Heath Concert!

I’m so excited that in less than two weeks, I’ll be opening for one of my favorite CCM artists, Brandon Heath! I remember as a kid attending major CCM concerts at theme parks, festivals, etc. Now, what a blessing it is to be on one of those stages, serving the Lord, opening for Brandon! Make a day out of it! Come to the super fun Magic Springs and Crystal Falls theme park in Hot Springs, AR, and join me at my concert at 5PM!

I’ve had many people ask me how I got this opportunity. Reverbnation is a great site for indie artists, not only compiling all your stats and showcasing your material, but allowing venues and promo companies to offer you great opportunities. Actually, my cover feature in Surrender Magazine, a wonderful, reader supported online mag, was the result of submitting my press kit to their request for great CCM artists. This opportunity to open was another example. So, I’m blessed and humbled to say that I was chosen after submitting my material on Reverbnation!

As always, thanks everyone for your gracious support, and I hope to see you there! Keep your eyes on Christ. J

God’s Peace,

Nate Jackson