PLEASE VOTE FOR ME in the Dodge “Inspired By You” Challenge

Hello Friends!

I hope you’re doing well. FYI, This is a time sensitive email, as you only have until next Sunday (the 29th) to vote!! Also, please consider forwarding this to a few (or a lot) of people in your contacts list! :) Dodge/Reverbnation has selected me as one of 500 artists to compete in their “Inspired By You” challenge.

Here’s how it works… I’m one of 100 artists in the “Pop” category. As folks go to Dodge’s Facebook page (will provide link here in a second), they’re able to download as many songs as they wish from the competing artists. EACH DOWNLOAD COUNTS AS A VOTE. The top three vote earners in each category (5 categories total) will get a chance to write a song to be considered for a Dodge commercial. The artist whose original song (written with the title “Inspired By You”) that is chosen is obviously the grand prize winner!

Sooo, if you would please go Dodge’s Facebook page, USING THE LINK BELOW and download my song, “Powerful,” your vote will be much appreciated!! Due to internet constraints associated with me being on the road, I’m behind on votes now with only 15 votes compared to the over 400 for those currently at the top. However, I know with the help of my friends I can get in the running!

To find me the easiest, click on the ‘pop’ tab and click ‘sort by,’ choosing ‘votes.’ I’m currently near the bottom of the third page. However, that will change as my votes increase, so you may eventually need to look on the 2nd or 1st page…



God’s Peace,
Nate Jackson