A Music Playlist for Mom While Dealing with Cancer

Just the other day, it was the fourth anniversary of my Mom’s passing from bile duct cancer.  As much as I try to celebrate the many years I knew her as perfectly healthy and the best mom ever, this time of year always dredges up the whole awful ordeal she and our family went through.  I thought I would share this one particular thing, since it might be a helpful resource to someone dealing with a hardship.  Mom and Dad were about to drive to Boston from Winchester, KY, to talk to doctors at U Mass’ Hospital about an experimental treatment.  Because bile duct cancer is so quick and lethal, and mom had been given such a short amount of time to live, experimental treatments were the only option to extend her life.  I knew the long drive could be filled with anxiety and discouraging thoughts.  So, I made mom and dad a CD with a playlist of songs that I thought would improve the spirit of the car ride.  When they returned, after finding out that mom was not a good candidate for the treatment, they both said it was a huge help to have encouraging music to listen to on the way.  Whether it’s these songs or not, I’d definitely recommend using music as therapy for tough situations…  Here’s the list:

Mom’s Encouraging Music (as the playlist is entitled in my iTunes)

1. I’m Not Giving Up (Days of Encouragement) This was a sentimental choice, too, since Mom had heard me sing it a hundred times.

2. You’ll Never Be Alone  (Anastacia)

3. Because You Loved Me (Celine Dion)

4. Survivor (Destiny’s Child)

5. Arise My Love (New Song) A song about Jesus’ victory over death!

6. Redeemer (Nicole C. Mullen)

7. My Wish (Rascal Flatts)

8. No Fear (Terri Clark)

9. Not Going Down (Jo Dee Messina)

10. Live for Today (Natalie Grant)