New Music Underway, and I’m Producing!

Hey Family, Friends and Fans!

I remember wondering, when I was a little younger and less experienced, how music artists managed to write their new material while taking care of their many responsibilities and demands on their time.  With my busy Summer/early Fall schedule this year, I’m very glad to say that I found out how, and most importantly, that it can be done!  As it turns out, necessity is the mother of invention when it comes to finding time to write new material.  This led to some fun experiences and me making the most of my time:  Karin and I wrote a song with our friend Brandee in Tampa, FL, and recorded the scratch demo at 6:00 AM before we all had to leave and go our separate ways.  We wrote with music minister Kenn Mann in St. Pete, FL before AND after a performance at his church (First United Methodist).  I wrote with music minister Mike Mitcham in KY in between shows.  Also, when my schedule wouldn’t allow for long-distance travel, I used Skype for the first time to write a song!  All of this is really to get to this point, I came out of this Summer with some new material that I’m very excited about and that I’m certain will touch a lot of people.  How cool!

mackie deskSo, when you have a lot of new material, the next and best thing to do with it (besides playing the songs live) is to find the right producer and make a ‘record’ (pronounced ‘reckerd’ if said correctly… LOL). Well, I don’t know if I’m the right producer, but I’m gonna have to do! I’ve dabbled in production for the past decade, and Jeff Glixman (KANSAS / Georgia Satellites) even named me as a co-producer on the country album that he produced for me. So, I’ve decided to sink my recording budget into upgrades for my home studio, and the next new music you hear from me, will really be FROM me! The scariest part is that there will be no one to blame except me if it comes out sub-par. I take that very seriously.

The first song I’m gonna tackle is “Where Were You When Jesus Came,” a co-write with T.W. Hale, a #1 songwriter and the music minister at Clearview Baptist in Franklin, TN. It’s an idea that was actually sent to me by my friend Phil Ehart (legendary drummer of KANSAS). This is one my favorite songs, of the hundreds I’ve written, especially in the great message of remembering what Jesus has done for me. I DO have songs for this project, gobs of songs!! The only problem will be stopping and calling this project finished! :)

So, please pray with me that I’ll come up with an excellent product and that it will be in a form that will bless millions of people.

God’s Peace,