My New Album is Complete and In-Hand!

Over the span of a year and a-half, I’ve put my all into a debut, full-length Contemporary Christian album. That would include hundreds of hours of studio work, building tracks, working with musicians, tracking and editing vocals, and mixing.

Nate at Controls - Home StudioAlso, ‘my all’ would include quite a bit of prayer, soul searching, and Bible study (the lyrics need to be spot on). I also spent every extra dime to upgrade sounds and equipment, to improve the quality of the final product.

Now, my 11-song work is complete!!! Though the CDs have been printed and are in-hand, I’m setting the official release date for January 2015, to all outlets including digital. Stay tuned for a single release to radio around then, too! However, those who attend shows between now and then will be able to get the CD version, pre-release!

It’s such a blessing to create music about and for The Lord, but I have to admit that there was so much along the way to discourage me. There’s a high bar of quality in professional music production, and I was on my own behind the controls for the first time. I was up to that challenge, but I had to learn a lot. Also, it was a seemingly unconquerable mountain of work, so much that it would have to be my full-time job. That meant the budget was also slim. To add to that, there’s always the voice of the enemy, telling you, “No one’s gonna like this. What’s the use?”

Nate at Mic - Home StudioWell, I thank God for the grace to climb that mountain and the confidence to know that He will put the music to work. He gave me the resources to do it and the knowledge that it’s bigger than me. The Gospel must go forth, and we must minister to the saints!

Now that production is complete, I’m looking forward, more than ever, to touring all over and using the new tracks to make my show more inspirational!