About Nate

Nate Jackson was presented with the 2010 Best New Artist Visionary Award by the Christian Music Hall of Fame! That award, which may have seemed unexpected to some should come as no surprise to those who have watched his ever expanding music career, and it served as confirmation and outward acknowledgment of what Nate has known for quite some time: He was born to give God praise and that praise shines brightest through his music.

Singing old-time Gospel favorites and beloved hymns as a young child filled him with an inexplicable joy and a deep sense of knowing that singing was where he was truly at home. From the front porch of his Grandma’s country home in rural Kentucky, all the way to performing for tens of thousands of university students in China, music has been and continues to be God’s gift to Nate and Nate’s gift to the world.
He’s had opportunity to share that gift in a variety of venues:

  • Church services
  • Tent Revivals
  • Talent Shows
  • Family Reunions
  • Live at Lexington’s NBC news station
  • County fairs
  • Concerts at Winchester’s Leed’s Theatre
  • Mountain Arts Center
  • School choir concerts
  • Touring with Mt Zion Christian Youth Choir
  • Country jamborees
  • The Nashville Palace
  • Church social events
  • Writers’ showcases in Nashville
  • Opening a concert for Michael English
  • Performing with “A Song in the Mountain” a song and dance group
  • Kentucky’s Natural Bridge State Park
  • Fundraisers
  • Weddings
  • Christmas celebrations at the Kentucky Horse Park
  • Nursing homes
  • Retired peoples’ social and political groups
  • Christ in Youth Concert
  • Restaurants
  • Performed as the lead in three high school musicals

Since then, Nate has enjoyed time on the road touring nationally – performing with a live band and visiting radio stations from coast to coast. In 2010, following the release of his country album “Complicated Hearts” two singles, “Desperate Man” and “Inside” produced by Jeff Glixman (producer of the rock band, Kansas) climbed Music Row’s charts. While signed to a record deal at Star City Nate was picked up by leading talent agency CAA, and Sony/RED signed on as his distributor.

Today, you will find him leading worship at his church in Nashville, and Lambcroft’s ministry to the homeless, as well as performing anywhere the Lord will send Him, from small country churches to stadiums and arenas, from prisons to palaces, festivals to frat houses.

God is giving him a platform to be heard, and others have taken notice. While he will be the first to tell you the Lord is his reward, there are earthly voices who recognize and applaud his talent and heart as well such as. . .

Country Weekly Magazine named Nate as “Who to Watch in 2010”

The Christian Music Hall of Fame at the Visionary Awards awarded Nate “2010 Best New Artist”

Surrender Magazine named Nate “Our Top Pick of Who to Watch in 2012″

“After 38 years in the music business, I can say without a doubt, that Nate is one of the best singer/songwriters that I’ve ever heard. He is truly a gifted man.”

Phil Ehart (Legendary drummer/manager, rock band Kansas)

“Nate, I’m such a huge fan of yours…when I think of writing something great about you, I put it off because seriously, regarding your passion for God, your huge heart of gold and of a servant, not to mention your voice that my husband and I could listen to all day, I could write a book!”

Michelle Gold (Singer with the ministry Jews for Jesus)

“There are so many wonderful things I could say about Nate and his beautiful wife, Stephanie. They are truly incredible people and I count myself blessed to call them friends. I met Nate almost a decade ago and at that time, I was not a Christian. He was a shining example of his faith and was an example to me even when I didn’t know what I was watching. What is so great about Nate is that he shares his faith in a way that isn’t overwhelming, doesn’t preach AT you and leads by true example of what it is to know the Lord. In a world of pressure to be like everyone else, to hide your faith and to fall into the trap of pleasing the ‘world;’ I can say that Nate is a true soldier for Christ. Just his life alone is an example and I can say that just by being around him and listening to him speak was one of the huge factors in me even wanting to know about ‘his’ Christ. Today I can humbly and gratefully say that I have an amazing relationship with Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior, and Nate played a huge role in my life and in my heart openingto even ‘hear’ the gospel. Some gifts are temporary but the gift of Jesus Christ is eternal – Thank you Nate for being a true example!”

Mila Grigg (Owner/Chief Consultant Moda Image Consulting)

“I have known Nate and his lovely wife for several years as a musician and a Christian. He is not only my friend, but my Christian brother. He is fun and funny to work with, and a great talent as a singer and songwriter. God has blessed me to be his friend. I wish you to get to know him better. What a true gift from God he and his voice is. You just have to hear this man of God. Make his continued success a reality dear Lord!”

Mike Mitcham (Singer/Songwriter/Music Minister Calvary Christian Church, Paris, KY)

Would you like to add your quote to this growing list of kudos? Haven’t heard Nate perform yet? Find a performance near you and come experience music as God intended – pure, honest, transforming. Music that rises up to the rafters and settles down deep into your soul.