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1. Where Were You
2. God Shining Through
3. Love Unbound
4. Found
5. Suddenly Alive
6. Heart After Your Heart
7. River of Faith
8. Let My Heart Reach
9. Living Water
10. To Know You is to Love You
11. When the World’s On Top of You

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As one fan put it, “This album is amazing. Every time I listen to it it lifts my spirits higher…. He is truly anointed and talented. Everyone who loves Christian music should get this album.” In short, if you love the music of top artists Tobymac, Brandon Heath, Owl City, Chris Tomlin, and others like them, Nate Jackson is a must for your daily listening.

Keeping his style eclectic, as always, Nate has a song for your day. Whether you need a pick me on your morning drive, a word of encouragement on a down day, a reassurance of God’s love, a reflective reminder of God’s grace, there’s a song on GOD SHINING THROUGH for you. When beautiful music from the heart of a brother in Christ is what will make the difference, this album is your go-to.

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